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About Albin Apps

Albin Apps is a tiny company providing social apps. Albin is for people who are looking for a good alternative to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. We work to reduce manipulation on social media and to protect Europe from being taken over by a foreign monopoly. While we’re open to users from all over the world, our products are mainly made for the European common market.

With our apps you have more control over the content in your feeds and they are chronological. There is more transparency, more privacy and we’re on your side. In the future, when we have enough users we plan to introduce advertising, but only for people who are free users. Paying members see no ads.

By being part of the Fediverse, we’re supporting open source, privacy and innovation.

At the moment we’re hosting two Mastodon instances. Both a Pixelfed instance and a messenger app is in the pipeline.

Albin is also for people that want the world to stay in balance. Even though we’re an app company, we’re actively working on removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Without a healthy planet, nothing will matter any more for our grandchildren.

Our short term vision is a crowd funding to make this a two-person company. Then make our products stable and bug free to start with followed by a single login. Making everything look good, work as you want it to. Adding features. Growing the network. Making it sustainable, by introducing advertising for non-paying members. Then growing the company to four people and keep improving.

Our long term vision, assuming that we can grow to a small company, is to make the best speech bots in Europe. This might sound distant from apps, but starting with a social network, it will be much easier to find enough of the volunteers needed to teach the bots.

We image our bots like babies, they don’t know how to speak. Just like humans these machines needs to be taught a lot of words before they learn to speak. We have the best opportunity here in Europe to do this, because almost everyone speak two languages.

The big advantage with using English as a bridge language is that the total number of translations is lowered. I teach the bot my mother tongue plus my accent of English and you teach your mother tongue and your accent of English. We do this in a systematic manner and soon the bots can speak and translate between all EU languages.

About our mascot

Albin, the hexagonal yellow dude, is our mascot. He’s a cartoon robot and he knows how to speak in the normal cartoon way, using speech bubbles.

About Alex

Alex Beck is one of the co-founders of Albin Apps

The other co-founder has not been found yet, but this will happen during the pre-kickstarter period. This means Albin Apps is a one person business for now.

I use the term “we” loosely when speaking about the company, even before the second co-founder is on board. It just sounds so much nicer. Sometimes “we” is even broader and means all Albin supporters.  We, the group of Albin supporters, will find a potential co-founder. The more supporters we are, the easier it will be to find that person.

Alex Beck is my pen name. I’m also known as Johan Sundström. The main reasons I’m switching to a pen name is the issues with saying and writing Johan Sundström. Germans misspell the first name like Johann or Juhan. Americans misspell it as Yohan. So depending on who I’m speaking to I always have to remember to say my name in three different ways. It’s not the biggest problem it the world, but I believe Alex is easier for everyone. The last name, Sundström, while being a good name, is very difficult say and write.

I live in Berlin, originally from Sweden.

I studied once and got a degree called Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering. In German it’s Wirtschaftsingenieur.

I’m not a developer so it’s pure luck that I got up and running.

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To follow Albin Apps, I recommend signing up

How to give a thumbs up

  1. Albin Apps needs a few testimonials on the webpage. Someone saying a few good words on the idea. Contact me if you’re interested.
  2. Create a user on to give it a little push of approval even if you don’t plan to use it much.
  3. Share it on some old school social media to give it some attention.

How to buy membership (1.99€/month)

Contact me through and I put you on a list of interested people. When we have about 200 supporters I can set up some kind of payment or donations system, tell me if you prefer any particular one. You’re highly respected and honored when you’re among the first supporters of this project.