Non-commercial is too weak

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One good thing with ads is that they make products cheap or free. A newspaper used to cost money and have some, but not too many ads. At the time this was a good compromise between three parties. The reader got an affordable paper, the news company had enough money to create a quality product […]

Big social is too powerful

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WhatsApp and Instagram is owned by Facebook, the three companies together is “Big social” or “WIF”. Facebook is so big that if it were to abuse it’s position, it could do commercial or political manipulation on a large scale. It would likely go undetected if they slightly suppress or promote certain posts or discriminate in […]

What is the Fediverse?

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The Fediverse is a collection of social apps that are open to each other. This means that users on one app can communicate with users on a another app. When you post something in the Fediverse, that post is delivered to your followers, even if they are on a totally different app. They can use […]