Join Albin

Why Albin?


  • We’re not the monopoly – we’re small.
  • The European alternative to WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter/Facebook.
  • Our aim is to be better, not bigger.

How is it better?

  • We’re on your side.


  • Free or Premium? You decide.
  • Turn off ads, if you want.
  • Turn off data collection, if you want.
  • When big companies forces you to watch ads, we give you a way out.


  • We’re working towards balance between US and EU on social apps. Yeah, we know, it’s like comparing a grain of sand with a mountain, but any small step toward balance is better than nothing.
  • We’re also striving for balance between companies and users. When you choose the free version of our app it will be advertising, but not too much. Also not too little.

New philosophy

  • Part of the Fediverse.
  • Open source.
  • Chronological feed.

Better than non-commercial

Donation based alternatives struggles with a lack of resources. The non commercial Fediverse relies on volunteer administrators and part time development. A company have several benefits:

  • Consistent. When volunteers don’t have time or get tired of maintaining an instance, employees in a company keep going.
  • A company is better at keeping track of updates and particularly security updates.
  • Paid people working together in the same room makes better apps than volunteers on their spare time.
  • A company is more focused and is putting in more time than volunteer developers.
  • A company is more professional, reliable and serious compared to a random volunteer administrator in the Fediverse.

When non-commercial stubbornly forbids ads, we allow it. With a donation based system some people pay for the free users. With our system, you pay only for your own ad-free experience and the free users pay with their time watching ads.

More fun

  • Non commercial means less fun because a lot of entertainment is actually commercial.
  • We allow the fun commercial and make sure that it doesn’t become too much. Too much is never fun. In our opinion it’s already too much focus on the commercial side on the big social apps. A better app would tone that down several notches.

Different values

  • Designed with respect for people and privacy as default.
  • Transparency


  • We’re mainly making apps for Europe, but we’re open to the world.

Early prototypes

We’re not better yet, our products are early prototypes. Try them, but understand that they are a bit shitty. They need some time to become better and also, sadly, some money. There is a need to hire a freelancer to get some stuff to an acceptable quality.


  • Become a supporter of this project for 1.99€/month, includes full membership and is totally worth it.